04. Manage VPS via SSH (Network Troubleshoot) / 使用 SSH 管理VPS(网络问题排查)


You can use SSH client like Putty to manage your VPS with username 'root' and the password you got in last article.



If you can not connect SSH, follow these steps:

(1) Enter VNC (HTML5 VNC Client SSL), check if the VPS successfully entered 'Login' page.

(2) If aboves are normal, visit https://ping.pe, enter your IP address, wait 1 minute, check 'Chart'.

(3) Most Chart green means normal, most red means IP broke, China part red means IP blocked by GFW, lease submit ticket.

(4) If you got a broke IP when you buy, we'll change for free. If your personal use caused it blocked by GFW, we'll charge fees.



(1) 进入网页版VNC控制台(HTML5 VNC Client SSL),检查VPS是否已进入登录(Login)页面。

(2) 若以上均正常,请进入https://ping.pe,输入您的IP地址并确认(Go),等待1分钟,检视Chart(后面的彩条)。

(3) Chart大部分绿色则正常,全部或大部分红色则IP损坏,中国地区红色则IP被墙,后两种情况请发送工单更换IP。

(4) 如果您刚购买VPS便无法使用IP,我们会为您免费更换。如果因个人原因导致IP被墙,则会收取更换费用


You can install aaPanel to manage your VPS, please read their document.



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