02. How to buy a VPS / 如何购买一台VPS


Enter your account, click 'Services' - 'Order New Services' to order products.

进入您的账户,点击“服务”(Services)-“订购新服务”(Order New Services)。


Select the plan you wish to buy, click 'Order Now'.

选择您希望购买的套餐,点击“立即购买”(Order Now)。


Confirm price and cycle, click 'Continue'. Please also note down your Root Password.

确定价格和付款周期,点击“继续”(Continue)。请记住您的 Root 密码。


Input Promo Code if you have one, click 'Validate Code', then 'Checkout'.

输入您的折扣码,点击“应用折扣码”(Validate Code),然后“结账”(Checkout)。


Choose to pay from 'Account Balance' or 'Other Methods' (PayPal / Credit Card / AliPay), agree our 'Terms of Service', Complete Order.

选择从“账户余额”或“其它方式”(PayPal / 银行卡 / 支付宝)付款,同意“服务条款”(Terms of Service),“完成订购”(Complete Order)。


Back to Client Area, your new VPS is ready.



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