STACK 59 retirement / STACK 59 退役

We notice some hardware issue on STACK 59 made it reboot again and again. We have to retire it, clients on it will be move to other Nodes. Please understand, thank you very much!   我们注意到 STACK 59 存在硬件问题,导致其不停重启。 我们会将其退役,并转移用户至其他节点。 敬请理解,非常感谢! Read More »

11th Aug 2020
System update arrangement / 系统升级安排

We'll have a system update to all Nodes in the following days. The process will be during night time UTF+8, if may cause your VPS shutdown and reboot. Plese do prepare, thank ... Read More »

8th Aug 2020
High load troubleshooting / 资源滥用排查

We've found abusers causing very high load to our Nodes and handling on it. Please DO NOT reboot or re-install before we done this, or your VPS will unable to boot again until we reboot Node.   近日PR网络中发现了大量滥用行为,包括僵尸网络、端口扫描、ARP ... Read More »

3rd Aug 2020
Invalid VPS clean procedure / 无效VPS清理

We'll start clean invalid VPS (Expired but not deleted) 3 days later, normal user won't be affected. The first step will be count and suspend, 5 days after we'll delete them. Please do backup if you use an invalid VPS, thank ... Read More »

3rd Aug 2020
PR-V reboot arrangement / PR-V 重启安排 [Solved/已解决]

We'll have an optimization to STACK 87 CPU allocation, a Node reboot is required during the night in UTF+8.

Please do prepare for it, thank you!


我们将会对 STACK 87 的 CPU分配进行优化,服务器将在北京时间的夜间重启。


3rd Aug 2020
PR-V Network issue / PR-V 网络问题 [Solved/已解决]

We've done a VLAN split to PR-V plan, caused hours offline.

Sorry for the inconvienice, we'll make up usage time.




31st Jul 2020
Cabinet Power Issue (机柜供电问题) [Solved/已解决]

Our cabinets have power issue, we're handling it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!




31st Jul 2020
Server migration (服务器搬迁) [Solved/已解决]

We are going to be moving around some pacific rack servers around because of cooling issues. The nodes that will be effected are: STACK37 - STACK52 STACK58 - STACK61 The migration will start at: 7:00 (PST) 23 July 2020 22:00 (GTM+8) 23 July 2020 Please do prepare in advance, thank ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2020
CentOS 7 template update (CentOS 7 系统模板更新) [Solved/已解决]

Dear customers: We've upgrade our CentOS 7 template to the latest version provided by SolusVM official. After you re-install the system, there will be a CentOS upgrade process automatically. The process will last 20 minutes, please do not Re-boot or run Yum until it finish.   尊敬的用户: 我们近期将 CentOS 7 模板升级了至 ... Read More »

14th Jul 2020